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Create A Powerful Online Presence

Ad Army Group Marketing Services is a boutique ad agency specializing in creating custom web designs and cutting-edge on line marketing solutions for its clients. Their talented web developers and marketing consultants are passionate about helping clients achieve their true potential. With a penchant for providing exemplary web services, Ad Army Group has been helping a wide range of clients from different industries, including models, actors, professional athletes, brand managers and individual businesses.

Why Choose Ad Army Group Marketing Services?

The answer is quite simple. Most web design firms are not marketers. Having a website alone is never enough. Your virtual real estate is only as good as it is visible. No matter how gorgeous your website is, it might never see the light of the day or serve its purpose. Ad Army Marketing Services is not the typical web design company. They understand the nuts and bolts of marketing and SEO and integrate it into the design process of each stunning website they create. The result is a stunning website but one that is as aesthetic as it is functional.

Incredible Design Backed With Solid Marketing Strategies

With the rapid evolution of mobile technology and a myriad of web-based platforms, carving a formidable online niche can be priceless. Whether you are a celebrity or a business, creating an interactive and credible online presence can work wonders for your image. Ad Army Group Marketing Services provides a highly personalized approach to web design & marketing. No two clients are alike. Consequently, every website is designed to reflect the true personality and unique message of the client. Give us a call at 416-286-2860 to discuss your web design and marketing needs.

Your website should be the backbone of your online marketing campaign, and Ad Army Group Marketing can help you achieve exactly that. All websites are optimized with the latest SEO techniques and coded to stringent W3C standards. The knowledgeable SEO experts at the firm pay attention to every detail in order to achieve the most favorable search engine rankings across multiple platforms. Every website is diligently optimized with precisely formulated meta tags, headers and descriptions.

Take Your Online Presence To A Whole New Level

Ad Army Group Marketing Services takes pride in its three core strengths: web design, marketing consultant services and video production.

An incredible website can be likened to a work of art, one that captures the viewer’s attention and prompts them to take action. The highly talented team at Ad Army Group is passionate about designing the perfect layout that adheres to the best practices in the web development industry.

No website is complete without a well-implemented marketing plan. The company offers marketing consultant services that are geared towards providing long-lasting and effective solutions to clients.

Ad Army Group also specializes in professional video production. Great videos can project a positive image, build your brand value and boost interactivity. Best of all, videos can be integrated effortlessly into your website and social media accounts to maximize visibility within a short amount of time.

Experience The Ad Army Group Advantage

Building an incredible website that is versatile, highly accessible and leaves a permanent mark on its visitors can sound like a challenging task. Not anymore. The creative team at Ad Army Group makes it happen on a day-to-day basis. The company takes immense pride in its three core strengths that have helped garner it to the top.

With a proven track record for providing exceptional web-based services, Ad Army Group Marketing Services is proud to serve a growing number of customers coming from a broad spectrum of industries. Some of the recent projects include website designing and online marketing campaigns for celebrity clients including Darryl Sittler, Grant Fuhr, Eric Lindros and television host Vanessa Roman. In addition, the company has worked with professional athletes, models, businesses, health companies, restaurants and popular television shows, such as Tattoo Rescue.

Get started with Ad Army Group Marketing Services today, and make a powerful online impression like never before. Give Paul Cookson a call at 416-286-2860 for more information about their services. is the Ad Agency for Toronto

In an economy that is increasingly fast-paced and focused on electronic media, there are few things as powerful and as in-demand as a powerful marketing strategy. At, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver a well-rounded, fully balanced marketing approach to each client we serve. Since our founding, we've helped businesses in the Toronto area, throughout Canada, the US and even as far away as India reach and exceed their goals through a combination of great marketing approaches, strong web design, and innovative outreach. Our commitment to our clients is one that is professional, effective, and ongoing, and we're proud to be considered the leading option for a vast number of clients in the Toronto area.

A Vast Number of Clients and Industries Served by Our Marketing Approaches

One of the key ways that we've been able to help Canadian companies make a splash online is by extending our services to virtually every major industry in Toronto and beyond. We understand that the best way to achieve marketing success is by understanding every industry in a thorough, intuitive way. To that end, we have brought our excellent combination of marketing consulting and design to real estate agents, professional hockey players, electronics companies, and more.

Canada's Professional Hockey Players Trust Us to Do Their Marketing

While those who don't have a significant interest in sports might think that a player's career begins and ends on the ice, we know that professional players require outreach and marketing services throughout and after their extensive careers. That's why we're proud to serve some of the biggest names in Canadian hockey, offering those who play our national sport around the world a way to reach out to fans and professional connections with effective design and marketing.

As part of our commitment to Canadian sports, we've been trusted to develop marketing approaches for the likes of Curtis Joseph, Eric Lindros, Darcy Tucker, Ryan O'Reilly, Darryl Sittler, and a wealth of other professional figures in Canadian sports. We've also been a key part of GPS Hockey's marketing strategy and their online presence, giving them a platform on which to be competitive with similar hockey training camps throughout Canada and the rest of the world.

Getting to know these professional sports figures, and the industry sources that support them, has taught us how to be competitive in our field. We took our lessons from professional athletes who eat, sleep, and breathe their sport, always looking for the next big game and the next opportunity to show off their skills. That's our approach to marketing consultation, and it has paid dividends well beyond our sports clients.

Marketing Consultant Toronto: In a Shaky Economy, We've Sent Real Estate Agents to New Heights doesn't have a one-track mind. We've shared our experience with a broad number of industries throughout Toronto and throughout Canada, including several major real estate agents and real estate companies. This has probably been one of our biggest challenges, if only because the state of the Canadian and global economies has been quite uncertain for at least the past half-decade. And, while Canada has escaped the worst of the economic downturn better than most countries worldwide, real estate has still been struggling to effectively reach buyers nationwide.

With our help, many agents and companies local to Toronto have had no such problems. We've done work for RE/MAX agents real estate agents and Sotheby's, overhauling their personal branding and delivering them a new way to reach customers. We've helped them craft better slogans and outreach campaigns, and we've helped each company's website achieve better conversion rates when new customers come across their brand and services.

A Large Number of Other Industries Have Been Helped By Our Work

We've worked with companies in entertainment, charitable giving, athletics, electronics, and major corporations like RE/MAX and Toshiba, to help them achieve their goals in Toronto, in Canada, and well beyond our borders. That diversity of experience is our biggest asset, and it has allowed us to know exactly what works for all kinds of industries, with audiences of all sizes and business models of all kinds.

If your company needs a marketing boost, there is simply no better option than our well-rounded slate of services that can take conversion rates, contact rates, and unique impressions, to levels never before seen by each of our clients. We'll complete the right research and strategizing to ensure that your business' message will be seen and heard by the right people, resonating with customers and ensuring that the business' videos, website, and other campaigns, will be more effective in the future than they ever were before we brought our expertise to the table.

Marketing Consultant Toronto: A Well-Rounded Approach to Marketing that Covers all Bases

We understand that the key to great marketing in the 21st century is not to focus too heavily on any individual approach or medium. That's why, unlike virtually all of our competitors throughout Toronto, makes sure that our clients are outfitted with an appealing, interactive website, as well as engaging videos and other materials that are imprinted with their own brand and message. Our goal is work with the 21st century's tendency to be more interactive and cohesive than previous periods of time.

Our marketing approach, then, is one that could be considered quite integrated and well rounded. We want to make sure that each of our clients can provide an interactive, engaging message to their customers, no matter how they're doing it. We know how to turn online videos into tools for customer engagement, persuasion, and conversion. We know how to use text on a website to encourage sale sand inquiries. And we know how to turn traditional print, radio, or television spots, into strategies for wide-ranging success, no matte the industry.

For companies that want a balanced approach to marketing that embraces the 21st century lifestyle but bridges it to more traditional outlets, the right choice is Ad Army Group. Evidence of this can be seen in our broad portfolio of clients, in all industries, that have engaged our marketing consultations to develop websites, videos, portfolios, and print materials.

With Ad Agency Veteran Paul Cookson at the Helm, Clients Can't Go Wrong

One of the things that sets from virtually all other agencies in Toronto and beyond is the presence of Paul Cookson. With a resumé in the marketing industry that dates back to 1989, Cookson is easily one of the most qualified and well-regarded members of the Canadian marketing community today. More than just experience, though, that reputation has been earned through a series of successful ventures and marketing campaigns that has made Paul Cookson's name synonymous with company turnarounds and new heights for profits, customer outreach, and long-lasting success.

Cookson began his career in 1989 at the Small Business Advertising Company, where he was mentored by the company's senior staff and most experienced marketing professionals. It was this early start and wealth of professional knowledge that allowed Cookson to become a driving force in Toronto's marketing profession, leading many companies to higher levels of success as his career developed.

With each career move after the Small Business Advertising Company, Cookson pursued major innovations as to how marketing is done, how marketing agencies are structured, and how clients are encouraged to reach their customers. His changes can be felt at major marketing agencies where he worked, as well as at business throughout Toronto. One such example is a local weight loss facility, which Cookson revamped and turned around with ease. Within months, the company was advertising on the radio and drawing renewed interest from people throughout the area. It was a result that his predecessors were simply unable to achieve.

With Ad Army Group, Another Revamped Approach to Marketing

It should come as no surprise that Cookson's success in marketing has allowed our ad agency to become one of the leading integrated marketing firms in Canada. Cookson brought a unique approach to the company that was, and in some cases still is, missing from a large number of competitors. Specifically, that strategy was to integrate things like website design, advertising, marketing, and interactive features. By doing this, businesses were more easily able to present a "unified front" to customers that were cohesive, persuasive, and enticing.

Today, Cookson's support has allowed Ad Army Group and its sister company ACE WEB DESIGN to be one of the top choices of area sports professionals, real estate agents, musicians, music producers, and more. This status is largely the result of the unique, all-hands-on-deck approach to marketing that was pioneered at Ad Army Group throughout the 21st century.

Virtual Presence Tied to Success

In today’s digitally driven world, your virtual presence can be the single most important factor that will determine success and growth. Creating a solid identity on the Web is a smart decision, one with so many positive outcomes.

For the Best Advertising Agency, Trust Ad Army Group / ACE WEB DESIGN

It's time to embrace a unified, integrated approach to marketing that works both online and off. With interactive features, robust website design, and effective marketing campaigns that will bring in new customers, our professionals are ready to meet virtually any challenge that Toronto-area businesses can throw their way.

Our advertising agency has a record of success and of surpassing expectations has allowed us to give our clients access to industry-leading results. We can't wait to do the same for new businesses in the area and throughout the country. Give Paul Cookson a call at 416-286-2860.


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